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Launching of three new CE-IVD kit, to determine the risk to suffer thrombosis.

We are very proud of announcing the launching of three new CE-IVD kit, based on Real Time PCR technology, to determine the risk to suffer thrombosis.
Venous thrombosis is one of the most frequent cardiovascular diseases. It is happened by blood coagulation in the inner of the veins. The risk to suffer this disease can be determined genetically. Several mutations have been described, related to this risk increasing, among them G20210A (protrombin), C677T (MTHFR) and G1619A (Factor V). All of them are detected with our new Genvinset® kits:

  • Genvinset® Factor II G20210A
  • Genvinset® Factor V G1691A
  • Genvinset® MTHFR C677T

If you need any further information on this regard, please contact us [email protected]

By: Blackhills Diagnostic Resources